Wednesday, December 26, 2007

50 Yeas Ago

The afternoon of May 17, 2008 will be the 50th anniversary of the Lincoln Park Massacre.

It was on this day 50 years ago that 13 children aged 2 to 10 years were put to death due to the severity of injuries sustained during the course of human medical experiments.

50 years is a long time to wait for someone to say something about one of the most brutal crimes in Canadian history. 13 innocent children butchered during the course of roughly an hour by one man. A man who was well paid and effectively protected in order that he might perform medical experiments intent on benefiting a secret military agenda.

These forgotten children could not be returned to the outside world without a lot of unpleasant questions being asked. Most of them were psychotic, having suffered years of brutally cruel treatment at the hands of medical experimenters. So it was due to the severity of their injuries that they were euthanized, but in a more direct sense they were simply slaughtered.

The lone survivor of Lincoln Park remembers the day very clearly, as it was a Saturday and the base was extremely quiet. A fresh fall of snow covered the ground which caused some concern that tire tracks in the snow would cause questions to be asked, but no one seemed to notice.

Sara remembers them driving the truck up to the back of the building and being met at the door by Bob and his assistant. Being led down the hall and down the stairs to the basement, the door being locked behind them and the children confined to their cells.

The squadron leader who delivered Sara to the facility was in uniform. He paced the cement floor during the whole operation chewing his fingernails, as he was extremely anxious about getting 13 bodies off the base without any problems. He rambled on about his concerns, but reassured himself and his colleagues that once they were on the highway they would be home free.

It did not take the children long to realize what was planned for them. Most of them screamed and cried with tears streaming down their cheeks, while a few remained in a comatose state seemingly unaware of their surroundings. Some begged and pleaded for mercy, but no mercy was shown. It was a horrid and ghastly sight as the number of bleeding bodies on the floor increased from one to thirteen.

With 13 children laying dead on the floor Bob placed a small candle in each of their wounds. By the time he was finished each child had a burning candle protruding from either their chest or their forehead. He repeated his senseless prayers over and over again, give the souls to Balaam, Balaam is the one who cursed us. And on it went until the candles had finally burned down.

It was at this point that they attempted to fit the bodies into four coffins, but there was a problem, the 13 bodies would not fit into four coffins. For some reason the assistant felt that the bodies should remain intact, but Bob did not agree. We don't need them all he said. So they studied their list to see who they might not need intact. Finally the assistant was the first to speak and blurted out the name Sandy Mitchell. That was a mistake Bob yelled. She wont remember, she probably didn't even hear me insisted the assistant.

During the course of this operation Sara had been sitting in a chair clutching the seat and swinging her legs back and forth, she was terrified. Of course I don't know how terrified she felt or do I have words adequate enough to describe the horror she witnessed.

Bob motioned to the squadron leader who had been keeping his distance, just in case he said. And the air force officer pulled Sara from her chair and raped her on the cement floor while Bob and his assistant cut Sandy into segments allowing all 13 bodies to fit into the four coffins.

Sara would remark years later that it would have been kinder if they had killed her too, but it was intended she would survive, Bob insisted upon it.

Once the coffins were loaded onto the truck the squadron leader and Bob's assistant drove off the base and out to the highway. Sara's understanding was that they were headed for the mink farm, but their final destination remains in question.

Sara remained with Bob while he completed his paperwork and then the two of them left the base together.

The base was in the process of closing down and all the evidence was to be disposed of. Everything had to go and within a year the building itself was demolished. The one thing that remained was the concrete basement, it was filled in and covered over with soil.

Today beneath the Mount Royal College the concrete basement is hidden from view, but the forensic evidence remains.

13 innocent children were put to death on May 17, 1958, in order that the security of the secret medical programs should remain secure and to this day they still remain secure.

When will these children finally be heard, when will their screams finally reach ears capable of hearing. Has no one anything to say? How do you justify maintaining security intent on hiding such a horrific crime? Are you going to tell me you are only following orders?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas

During the fall of 1957 a little girl by the name of Caroline died at the hands of the chief medical officer. (Caroline Caldwell 418)

He had been eves dropping on Caroline and Sara via a wireless audio devise pinned to Caroline's dress. The two girls thought they were alone and it was safe to talk.

Caroline was holding Sara's hand and comforting her with her words;

"Always remember I love you."
"Always remember God loves you, always remember."

This quiet moment was suddenly interrupted by the doctors appearance. He said nothing as he removed the shiny metallic button from Caroline's dress and put it in his pocket. He took both girls by the arm and lead them down the hall and into the black room. He closed the door behind him and locked it.

The black room was a sound proof operating room with a stainless steel floor. The walls and the ceiling were lined with a heavy black rubber like material.

Sara could see that Caroline was afraid, very afraid, she could see the terror in her eyes. Caroline knew the price she would be forced to pay if she was caught offering comfort and support to Sara, but in spite of this fact she gave Sara her love.

Without a word being spoken the chief medical officer, who went by the name of Bob, (Dr. Robert Armstrong, an alias) took a knife from a drawer and turned on Caroline.

He threw her against the wall and with one slash all but severed her head.

Sara screamed out, "Caroline, No!" as blood sprayed from the fatal wound.

Sara was in shock and Caroline was dead.

Bob was down on his knees chopping at Caroline's neck. He finally held her head in his hand and pushed it in Sara's face.

"God hates you, you bitch."

Bob raved on about hate in his attempt to convince Sara that no one loved her, no one cared.

He finally convinced her she was the one who killed Caroline and forced her to say the words.

"Who killed Caroline?"

"I did," gasped Sara.

By the time it was over Sara was covered in Caroline's blood and existing beyond a conscious state.

But it was not over...........far from it.......Bob was not satisfied, he had to be sure Caroline had not jeopardized his important work with Sara. It was very important to the program that Sara feel unloved and completely alone. She was to depend completely on Bob, as he alone would determine from day to day and moment to moment whether she would live or die.

Sara was forced to swallow Caroline's flesh and her blood.

But still it was not would not end until Christmas eve.

Sara had spent the day at the research facility working with Bob and it was almost time for her to leave for the Christmas break.

She was waiting in a chair in Bob's office when he handed her a beautifully wrapped Christmas package tied with a big bow. Sara was quite surprised and excited at the idea of receiving such a beautiful present and dared to think it might be a doll.

Bob told her she could open her present before she left and he sat there smiling as she carefully unwrapped her Christmas gift. Once the paper was removed Sara lifted the lid of the box and looked inside. At first she was bewildered and then was not a doll, it was fingers.......human fingers, but these were not just any fingers, these were Caroline's fingers. One of them had a ring on it, Caroline's ring.

Caroline was Sara's special friend, a little girl with a big heart and a lot of guts and even at the age of nine Caroline had the wisdom of a much older woman and a courageous soul.

Both Sara and Caroline had been trafficked together as child prostitutes and although Sara was five years younger than Caroline the love they shared was something they both cherished. A deep bond that could and would not be erased.

So here we are 50 years later and Caroline is not forgotten........hardly, I know I will never forget this little girl who gave so much and paid the ultimate price. A little girl who died believing in kindness and the love of God.

Merry Christmas Caroline..........we love you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Reason for This Blog

Danny was only 2 years old on May 17, 1958. He had come to Lincoln Park as a baby and over the course of two years he suffered unimaginable pain.

I do not know how Danny felt or how much pain he suffered, as I was not the one experiencing the nightmare. Nor do I know how Sara felt or the pain she suffered.

They lived in terror..........not knowing from one hour to the next or one minute to the next what was going to happen or if they would survive. Death was a constant shadow and in the end only one child would leave Lincoln Park alive.

On May 17, 1958 Danny lay in a cold and damp cell in the basement of the medical research facility and he was ill. He was a very sick little boy, who should have been in a hospital, but he was not in a hospital, he was in a steel framed wire cell, alone and afraid.

The chief medical officer was a very sick man himself, but his sickness affected his soul and his mind.......he wanted to torment Danny before he died so he put several hungry rats in his cell, rats that bit and scratched.

On the afternoon of May 17, 1958 Danny was still alive, but he was scheduled to die along with the others and by 3:45 it was over. Danny was the last to die and his time of death was 3:45.

Danny had the lab number 516 beside his name along with his time of death and the date.

When it was over 13 small bodies were packed into coffins and carried up the stairs to the truck waiting to transport them off the base.

As I have previously mentioned, a hammer was a weapon of choice and this execution of 13 helpless children was no exception.

The chief medical officer wanted a quick and efficient way to kill his victims and his final choice was a hammer and a spike. He alternated his method between the children....the first was a heart wound and the second was a head wound, with next being a heart wound.

A spike was hammered through their chest into their heart or a spike was hammered through their forehead into their brain.

And in each case he timed their death, with a stopwatch he counted the seconds from the time of inflicting a wound to the time of death and noted this on his clipboard.

He was assisted by two other men, one was his chief security officer and the other still remains unidentified.

The chief security officer and this unidentified man transported the bodies off the base and delivered them to the disposal site located on a rural farm.

The chief medical officer remained behind to complete his paperwork and attend to Sara who had witnessed this mass killing of 13 innocent children.

So why would I put this on a public blog?

Because it matters, each of these children matter, regardless of the time elapsed. What difference does it make if it happened today or 50 years ago if the crime is being perpetuated by deception and denial.

Thousands of Canadian children died at the hands of medical experimenters during the 50s. No one knows the exact number, but by all accounts it is in the thousands.

Of course most of them were orphans, but what does that have to do with anything?

I cannot change what happened and I will never know the pain they felt, but I know what I feel for and compassion.

Will this horrific crime be repeated? I don't know, but I do know extreme measures are being taken to ensure that the truth is never known, because it would tarnish Canada's sterling reputation.

Is this the price Canadians are willing to pay for a good reputation? What kind of people would hide such a crime to further their own interests?

What kind of people would turn their backs on innocent children, especially their own?

I call them cowards, because they would betray any and all of us to protect their own interests, to protect themselves from the truth.

If accountability is not demanded for the murder of innocent children there is nothing left to demand accountability for.

God help us one and all.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Keeping It Secret

When secret programs involve illegal activities only those with a proven track record are considered suitable. This means that the most knowledgeable and skilled personnel are given the responsibility of these programs.

Highly trained and highly skilled intelligence personnel are tasked to ensure the security of these secret programs.

In the case of Lincoln Park only those directly involved were to know that such programs existed. Orders were; no one is to know and no one is to find out and if a problem arises you resolve it in the most effective manner possible.

And of course they did just that, when someone inside or outside of their inner circle became suspect or a threat they were eliminated immediately and all evidence was made to disappear. And although all security personnel carried side arms they were not used in the execution of security risks, nonetheless they were used to intimidate and control potential victims.

A short length of rope and a hammer were the most common weapons of choice, but a variety of different means were employed.

To start with none of these people could ever be described as nice guys or nice gals, because they were anything but nice.

Remember, some of these people worked together for more than 8 years without a break in the routine. And their duties involved hanging offences at the time, so what would happen if they did their own thing on the side? Nothing, absolutely nothing, because no one knew and no one was going to find out.

It takes a lot of cooperation and a lot of resourcefulness to organize and run an operation like the one at Lincoln Park, have it remain a secret and known only to those directly involved and their contacts in Ottawa, Washington and London.

They functioned through secret channels, which involved an R.C.M.P liaison with the CIA and the British MI, plus cooperation from the Canadian Department of National Defence, people who knew the scope and the purpose of these secret programs.

In common terms of understanding they were running a white slavery ring, they acquired children and adults for human medical experiments and disposed of the bodies as required.

And as the chief medical officer was a devote Nazi it was not difficult for him to organize his staff to participate in a variety of after hours activities. It was like a private club for racial bigots where Jews were the victims of choice. But they had no problem victimizing blacks and aboriginals with equal intensity.

Racial murders were a regular occurrence for this crowd, which brought them into direct contact with like minded folks outside of the military.

A typical gathering would involve the Lincoln Park crew, who took to calling themselves the Knights of Darkness, under the leadership of the chief medical officer, and a local branch of the KKK. They would drive out to the host farm and park their cars and trucks in a circle around a bonfire. The Knights of Darkness wore black robes and black hoods while the KKK wore white robes and white hoods adorned with small metal crosses attached to a chain.

They would sing hymns around the bonfire until it was time for the main event of the evening. A black man would be brought from the barn and chained to a large wooden cross which would then be raised and placed in a hole to hold it upright.

The Knights of Darkness were first to participate and with knives drawn they would each in turn cut the man chained to the cross. The KKK would then each in turn take a burning timber from the bonfire and place it at the base of the cross.

The cross itself had been soaked with diesel to ensure combustion and the poor soul in chains burned to death on the cross.

At other times a hanging took place in the barn or their victim was simply run down on a country road or power tools were employed in a workshop. But regardless of the method it always resulted in the agonizing death of their victim.

They had a body disposal set-up on a rural farm, which employed mink to consume the flesh and bones of many experimental subjects, but this was not as efficient as they had hoped. Plus many of the bodies were unfit even for mink food so alternative methods were employed.

A large tank of acid was very effective, but even that had its limitations as the tank had to be repeatedly emptied and refilled with fresh acid.

Another method of disposal involved cemeteries, with a Jewish cemetery being preferred. They would remove recently placed coffins from the cemetery, remove the corpses and chop them into pieces along with one or two of their most recent victims and then repack the coffins with the various body parts and return them to the cemetery.

No one suspected and no one knew that the evidence of so many brutal murders was hidden in this manner.

At other times they simply poured several one gallon jugs of acid over the corpse.

And this continued for years, while at the same time they were selling the little girls from the programs as child prostitutes as well as manufacturing and selling child pornography.

The body count of course kept climbing, but it did not end with Lincoln Park, it continued on for many more years.

Run aways and hitch hikers were also victimized as were lone drifters.

But why didn't they get caught? Because they functioned outside of the box, beyond the limits of normal consideration. They understood that few people were capable of considering the possibility of such crimes occurring in their own community or in their own country. It was beyond reason to even suggest such a possibility and for the most part it still is, which is why they got away with it and why others still do.

Collectively we don't want to believe it because it is just too bloody terrifying, but what about the victims? What about them...............what if you were one of them, would you shrug it off as some kind of crazy idea. I don't think so, I think you would hope that someone might care enough to at least acknowledge your pain and suffering at the hands of such monsters.

Do you think the cover-up is just a coincidence, a timely coincidence at that?

Oh yes, there is a cover-up and you can take it to the bank.

How many corpses does it take before we demand accountability?

Where is all this deception headed? Where is it going to end?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Another little girl to die at Lincoln Park was Diana and her lab number was 514.

At the time of her death, in 1957, she was 3 years old a year younger than Sara.

I do not know the cause of her death, but during her autopsy the chief medical officer reported that she had a severed spine and had been dead for 24 hours.

Sara was placed in a highchair and instructed to pay attention during Diana's autopsy.

Every portion of Diana's corpse was studied in detail including her internal organs. Nothing was overlooked including hair and fingernail clippings.

Considerable time was spent examining her brain before he removed her jaw bone, the inferior maxillary, which was to be added to his collection. He kept the jawbone of each dead child.

When the autopsy was complete he filled the cavity of her body with what appeared to be salt. There were bags of this material stacked against the wall. Her body was placed in a steel drum and more of this salt like material was poured into the drum and then it was sealed.

The steel drum containing Diana's body was put on a truck and delivered to the farm in the country for disposal. And like so many of the others she was destined to be fed to the mink which were employed to dispose of human bodies.

No words can accurately convey the true horror of this operation. At times bodies were stacked in piles awaiting disposal, to be chopped into small pieces and fed to the hungry mink.

The officer responsible for the security of the programs made routine visits to this farm to ensure the bodies were being consumed in a timely and efficient fashion.

Diana suffered horrific brutality in the form of physical and mental torture until she was finally dead. And although she was only 3 years old she had suffered as much as anyone could possibly suffer. Her entire life was one continuous pain filled nightmare.

What kind of people hide crimes like this? What kind of people continue to hide these horrific crimes and deny the existence of survivors like Sara?

If it is more important to protect the guilty than to consider the innocent victims I feel we must be suffering from a severely disabling psychosis.

When will we recover and come to our senses, to finally realize that deception has been the order of the day for a very long time?

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Sylvia was a research subject at Lincoln Park with the lab number 418.

She had been in the program for a number of years and suffered every form of punishment and abuse possible, as well as suffering the painful trauma of child prostitution and pornography.

But Sylvia had shattered, she had been broken. Her mind had been shattered and there was no way to put it back together so a decision was made to eliminate her from the program, which meant she was to be killed and her body removed from the base for disposal.

In the context of the program Sara was to share the trauma of Sylvia's demise, so the two girls were seated at a table and given some paper and crayons to play with.

Sara was trying to get Sylvia to crayon with her, but Sylvia was in a terrible state and unable to hold a crayon in her shaking hand. Sara did attempt to put a crayon in Sylvia's hand but when their hands touched Sylvia let out a shriek as she could no longer stand to be touched by anyone. The crayon simply rolled to edge of the table and fell to the floor.

Sylvia was shaking all over, her hands were shaking, her head was shaking and her legs were shaking. Her eyes were rapidly flicking back and forth then they rolled back in her head and she slumped forward. She could not talk, smile or cry, she was like a rag doll, yet she somehow managed to remain in her chair without falling to the floor.

Finally the chief medical officer entered the room carrying a beautiful long stemmed red rose which he pinned to Sylvia's dress. Again she let out a shriek, which the doctor ignored and left the room.

Sara did not get a red rose, but she admired Sylvia's and the pretty red ribbon in her hair.

Within a few minutes the doctor returned as he wanted the girls to come down the hall with him to another room. He placed Sara's hand on his coattail and instructed her to hold on while he lifted Sylvia to her feet. Sylvia let out another shriek as he used his arms to support her from behind while the three of them shuffled down the hall to the black room.

Once in the black room with the door closed Sylvia was put on the floor, while Sara was placed in a chair where she was to sit and watch in silence.

The doctor's assistant was there waiting for instructions, while the doctor found his clipboard and his stopwatch.

"Put her head in the white bucket of water, I want to see if, in her broken state, she will resist and hold her breath or whether she will just breathe the water in."

The lab assistant dragged Sylvia over to the bucket and she shrieked at his touch.

"We'll go for thirty seconds, put her head in there."

The lab assistant put her head in the water and the seconds ticked away.

"Times up, let me take a look, it appears she held her breath doesn't it."

"Where's my tape recorder, can you see it anywhere?

"It's over there," said the lab assistant.

"Good, I want to really focus on this. We'll go for forty five seconds, make it thirty five."

"She appears to be breathing alright, were there any bubbles in the water.?"

"Yes," said the lab assistant.

"Alright, thirty five seconds this time."

Her head was pushed under the water again while the seconds ticked away.

"Times up, how is she now, let me see her."

"She's coughing, her eyes don't look focused. This is purely survival, I don't believe she is consciously fighting it, it's just instinct."

"I've never seen this so pronounced, she's taken in a little water but her instincts for living are still intact."

"This is amazing, real exciting, but of course she had minimal brainwashing compared to other subjects."

"Let me think, let's go backwards, we'll make it twenty five seconds."


Sylvia"s head was again in the water as the seconds ticked away.

"Any bubbles?"

"Only a few, I think she's drowning," said the lab assistant.

"Wait, bring her out, now!"

"Is she still breathing?"

"Barely," said the lab assistant.

"She's still fighting, we'll cut back to fifteen seconds."

Again Sylvia's head was in the water.

"I think she's had enough," said the lab assistant.

"Bring her out now, any breathing signs?"

"Yes, very faint," said the lab assistant.

"Alright, lets try and get some of this water out of her."

"That's good, we'll try twenty seconds."


Again Sylvia's head is in the water.

"Stop! She's a fighter, this is great."

"If I'd known this earlier I would have put her in the physical deprivation program where the instincts are all a person has left to fight or flight and she's a fighter."

"I have to reexamine her psychological and motor skills program testing again."

"Twenty five seconds."

Again Sylvia's head is in the water.


"We've lost her, she isn't breathing, let's get the water out of her."

"No, it's not working, CPR!"

"I have a very weak heart beat, it's irregular."

"She can't take anymore," said the lab assistant.

"She's not shaking any more," said the doctor.

"And how would you like her to die?" asked the lab assistant.

"Put her head in the hot bucket of water, hold it in there for awhile. I can study her nasal passages, eyes, ears and brain. I want to do this in less than an hour so get her to the lab right away."

Once she was dead Sylvia's body was taken down the hall to the lab and of course Sara was taken in there too, as she was to watch the doctor study her nose, ears, eyes and brain.

When he had finished cutting and scraping he brought two rats from a nearby cage and placed them on Sylvia's lifeless body. They were hungry, they lapped her blood and nibbled at her exposed flesh.

Rats were kept for certain tests, but for the most part they seem to have been used more for traumatizing the children. Consequently Sara was absolutely horrified as well as traumatized by the sight of the rats crawling around on Sylvia's body.

This was referred to as scientific research and the killing of children no longer capable of continuing on in the program to which they were assigned was considered both rational and prudent in the mind of the doctor in charge.

When he was finally finished with Sylvia she was transported off the base for disposal while Sara was left behind to suffer some more.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Horrific Brutality

The cruel and horrific brutality experienced by human experimental subjects at Lincoln Park is beyond anything previously reported in Canada, Britain or the United States, yet Lincoln Park was only one of many such experimental facilities in Canada to subject men, women and children to such treatment.

It was military protocol, in terms of rules and regulations that acted as a blind to hide the true nature of these secret programs, which would not have otherwise been allowed within the confines of a Canadian military base.

If the truth had been made public at the time the chief medical officer would have been arrested and deported back to Europe to stand trial for crimes against humanity, as by his own admission to his staff and experimental subjects he was extremely proud of his wartime medical experiments on Jewish prisoners.

While he sipped his morning tea he expressed regret over the war having to end as he had wished to kill so many more Jews, despite the fact that his medical experiments had killed thousands. And it was in this vain that he continually requested Jewish orphans be supplied for his experiments at Lincoln Park.

Fortunately very few Jewish orphans were available, but those few that were placed in his custody suffered far beyond what can be rationally comprehended by most.

At Lincoln Park he received several little Jewish boys, two of whom were twins. Each of these children suffered incomprehensible torture and monstrous mutilation.

Most of his colleagues in Canada were controlled by means of blackmail and intimidation, whereby no one dared defy his authority under the threat of death. And anyone who did cross the line soon discovered how it felt to be a victim.

In this context a group of his colleagues watched as a little Jewish boy finally died on the operating table after suffering nothing less than prolonged torture and mutilation. But this was not the end for Samuel, as the chief medical officer cut a strip of his flesh into small cubes and placed them in a dish. He passed the dish to his colleagues and each of them ate a portion of the child's flesh, which pleased the doctor to the point where he attempted to make a sick joke and I quote; "Jews always come out the other end as shit." And they all snickered in agreement.

This cruel racist bastard was given the respect and dignity of a Canadian Military Officer and afforded all the privileges of rank and seniority. And no one outside his inner circle had any idea as to who he really was or what he was actually doing, but had they known I am confident that his criminal activities would have come to an immediate halt.

Unfortunately his inner circle included military intelligence officers, members of the military police, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Special Branch, military doctors and civilian employees, plus many others.

His staff was made up of British, Canadian and American personnel consisting of both men and women.

In 1994 an attempt was made to bring charges against one individual who had actively participated in the physical, mental and sexual abuse of children at Lincoln Park, as well as murder charges and child prostitution charges, but this attempt failed due to the protective attitude of the R.C.M.P. and the Military Police. It would appear that the prosecution of those responsible and still alive is beyond the scope of our Canadian authorities.

A mass burial site has been reported to the R.C.M.P. in relation to a rural farm, the identity of its principle resident during the 50s and its physical location, but police action was flatly denied. And a threat was made to the effect that anyone attempting to access the site would be arrested.

The idea that we are all equal under the law, in relation to our inherent rights and freedoms seems a very bad joke at best if crimes against humanity are repeatedly allowed to be swept off the table and through the cracks in the floor.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Children

Cathy was 7 years old in 1957. I have no real idea how Cathy felt or how much pain she endured, but I do know she suffered an incredible amount of pain, both physically and emotionally.

I don't have a last name for Cathy, but her lab number was 510. She was a pretty little girl with blue eyes and blond hair, poor little Cathy. She had been a child prisoner for most of her young life and subjected to a wide variety of experimentation and testing, not to mention horrific abuse and torture.

Cathy was transported off the base in a car driven by the chief medical officer in the company of one of his assistants. Cathy rode in the back seat inside a canvas sack. It was not until they were well out into the country that they pulled over to the side of road and removed Cathy from the sack.

She was propped up in a sitting position on the back seat next to another little girl named Sara who had been brought along to experience Cathy's demise.

Cathy wore a blue cotton dress with a long stemmed red rose pinned to it, which was the practice of the chief medical officer. He pinned a red rose to all the children he intended to kill.

She was not wearing any socks or shoes and some of her hair was missing. The back of Cathy's head had been shaved exposing her bare scalp. She just sat there staring straight ahead, she had ugly red marks all over her, blisters and sores, and she smelled extremely foul.

Sara was quite frightened by Cathy as her appearance was horrifying. Cathy had been subjected to a chemical warfare agent, suffered brain surgery and was now blind.

For some time Cathy just sat there staring straight ahead, but then she suddenly started talking, "Death is coming, pain is going, I want death, death is good, pain is going, I love death, no more pain, death is coming, death is coming."

Sara did her best to avoid the horror by looking out the car window and watching the fence posts as they flashed by.

Finally the car stopped beside a little lake, which was situated on the same property as their body disposal facility, located on a rural farm.

The chief medical officer dragged Sara out of the car and opened the trunk while his assistant pulled Cathy from the car and dumped her in the mud. The two men removed Cathy's dress and placed shackles on her wrists and ankles. Cathy's whole body was covered in blisters and sores and there was a big black sore on her stomach.

Cathy made no response to the rough treatment she received.

The chief medical officer addressed Sara, "Cathy is a dirty little girl just like you, she wants to die 'cause she's been so bad. You should be like her, you should want to die too, but only when I say."

Then it was Cathy's turn, "Cathy, speak to me," and he kicked Cathy.
"Cathy speak to me," and he grabbed her by the hair and propped her up in a sitting position."

Cathy responded, "Death is coming, pain is going."

The chief medical officer spoke, "I'm getting very impatient with this sickly creature, all she's good for is my drowning and tissue research. This water is quite alkaline you know, I had it tested."

He then took Sara by the hand and led her out onto a small dock at the edge of the lake, while his assistant dragged Cathy along behind.

The two men tied a rope to the chain fastened to the shackles on Cathy's wrists and ankles and dumped her into the lake. She sank to the bottom and drowned. They left her there at the bottom of the lake for three weeks.

At the end of the three weeks they returned to recover Cathy's body, which again was a Sunday. They removed the shackles from her wrists and ankles and placed her in a body bag. Cathy's body was driven back to the base in the trunk of a military police car and delivered to the lab where an autopsy was performed and tissue samples were taken.

Cathy was one of many little girls who received a red rose, there was also Diana, Sylvia, Hazel, Sheila and Deborah. All of these girls received a red rose before they were murdered. And all of them were delivered to the farm by the lake for disposal.

This is a single snapshot of what transpired at Lincoln Park, a glimpse into the horrific reality so many were forced to experience.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Selling Children

It used to be that military personnel were not allowed to moonlight, have a second job or run a part-time business, but some did.

Some of them had a second income.......they made money from child prostitution.

Of course I am talking about a small group of individuals who considered rules and laws made to be broken......laws were something they could work to their advantage. And those in the intelligence community found it incredibly easy to function above and beyond the law. They were professional law breakers by trade and if they could get away with murder why not make some money on the side.

During the mid 50s the price was $20.00 for time with a little girl and there was no shortage of clients. They came from all walks of life and all professions, both men and women. They even catered to corporations and the wealthy wishing to entertain their friends and clients.

And at the end of each session photographs of the girls could be purchased.

If that wasn't enough, they also had a thriving market for pornographic movies, after all they already had the necessary equipment supplied by the D.N.D. and no one was using their government facilities during the night. And they had plenty of little girls to borrow from their secret research programs, so there was little expense involved and a great deal of profit.

Unfortunately they did not consider the little girls, as the pain and terror that these little girls experienced left indelible scars on their psyche. The girls they used for prostitution and pornography were 4 to 9 years of age.

It was not enough that these children were subjected to a wide variety of brutal torture in the context of human experiments, but they were also marketed as prostitutes and used in the manufacture of child pornography.

I do not believe any of this would have been possible if there had been adequate checks and balances in place, but checks and balances did not exist. The existence of secret programs run by the military intelligence community were only known to those directly involved. No one outside of those directly involved knew what was going on or who was involved.

Even today very little is known concerning these secret programs, despite assurances that much has been revealed through the various processes of disclosure. But what has been revealed is the tiny tip of a huge iceberg.

No one person knows the whole truth of the situation due to the secrecy and classification of so many different programs and projects.

When Charles Jackson attempted to blow the whistle concerning the violent abuse and murder of children at Lincoln Park he had put his hands on the paper work dealing with three separate projects, Project Midnight, Project Cancer and Project Sergeant.

It was the secrecy and the nature of the programs that allowed so many things to go so terribly wrong. There should never have been any human medical experiments, but there were. Children should never have been involved but they were.

For many decades the Canadian Military claimed that no humans were ever subjected to the experimental process, that only rats, guinea pigs and mice were employed. But recently we have learned that more than 2500 Canadian soldiers were unwittingly forced to endure the effects of chemical warfare agents in the form of mustard gas and chlorine during the 40s at CFB Suffield.

More than 50 years after the fact, after most of the soldiers had died from exposure to these toxic chemicals those remaining alive were finally given some small measure of acknowledgment for their suffering. But during those 50 plus years they were not offered specialized medical care or even allowed to report the cause of their various illnesses due to the fact that they had sworn an oath of secrecy. So many of them took their secrets to the grave.

Taking advantage of soldiers is one thing and finally making some small effort to make amends is all very fine, but I am talking about the government and the military having taken advantage of little girls and boys who they still refuse to acknowledge having been subjected to any form of abusive treatment by the military.

We are not responsible for their injuries and illness says the Judge Advocate General, there is no evidence to support their claims.

I guess not, because their records are classified and protected by law and can only be declassified at the discretion of the military command. Full disclosure as soon as possible does not apply here, this is a matter of national security.

Perhaps I would understand it better if a small degree of honesty were to be applied, perhaps we could tell the world that these records and files remain classified in order to protect Canada. The Canadian military required the aid of children to ensure the safety of the nation, therefore their rights and freedoms have been sacrificed in order to maintain the status qua.

But its not quite that simple is it? Nazi war criminals were employed and protected from the international courts and on top of that they murdered a lot of innocent Canadian children in order to hide the fact that human medical experiments were being conducted.

How would it look if everyone knew that little girls were exposed to mustard gas at Suffield with no medical aid administered during the days that followed. Instead of medical aid they were drowned in order to silence their moans and groans, which the experimenters found so annoying.

What the bloody hell is wrong with you people, have you no heart, no soul, no feelings?

Don't you get it tortured, raped and murdered innocent little children because you were afraid............terrified of your own inadequacy. You committed crimes against humanity, you defied international law, you spit in the face of decency and valor. You betrayed every man and woman who ever wore the Canadian uniform, you pissed on the unknown soldier. You betrayed Canada.

Now you want to silence me with your cowardly threats, you want me to roll over and pretend none of this happened.

NO! It is never going to happen! No matter what you say or what you do, the answer is NO!

God bless every single one of these children and allow them some peace.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Deception and Lies

Canada prides itself on being a modern democratic country with great respect and consideration for human rights and freedom. But the pristine image Canada portrays does not reflect the deceptive methods employed to hide her dirty secrets from the world.

Canada sends our troops to protect the people of Afghanistan, from crimes against humanity.

What would our soldiers think if they knew that the term, crimes against humanity, also applied to acts of brutality, administered by the Department of National Defense, and inflicted upon innocent Canadian men, women and children in our own country.

How many WWII veterans would be sickened to discover that Nazi war criminals were secretly imported into Canada, dressed in Canadian military uniforms and sanctioned to command secret military research programs. That known criminals were sanctioned to conduct human medical experiments similar if not identical to those performed upon innocent Jewish prisoners in Hitler's concentration camps, with the assistance of Canadian, British and American personnel.

One such facility was located on the Royal Canadian Air Force Station Lincoln Park, located in Calgary, Alberta, while facilities at the Suffield Research Station were utilized for the purpose of testing chemical and biological warfare agents.

Canadian men & women were kidnapped, confined and starved to death in order to determine their duration of survival without any solid food. Other men & women were subject to dehydration in order to determine their duration of survival without fluids.

Canadian men were kidnapped, confined and subjected to a biological warfare agent in order to determine the effectiveness of the agent to exterminate the wounded survivors of a nuclear exchange.

Perfectly healthy Canadian children were acquired from orphanages and hospitals for the purpose of human medical experimentation. Confined to wire cages (holding cells) the children suffered torture, sexual abuse, rape, medical operations, brainwashing, drug testing, electric shock treatment, insulin shock, chemical warfare agents and deprivation, whereby roughly 96% either died as a direct result of the experimental process or were systematically liquidated.

Some of those children who survived beyond the age of 9 years were subjected to further study, which included a program studying the long term effects of trauma. Therefore some individuals continued to be subject to brutal abuse for a period of roughly 30 years.

No consideration or medical assistance has been offered or provided to these survivors as the military command has seen fit to deny their existence and their injuries, despite suffering severe disabilities resulting from such severe brutality and torture.

The Lincoln Park records pertaining to the years 1954 through 1958 remain classified and actively protected by law some 50 years after the fact.

A ministerial inquiry initiated in 1993 resulted in an admission of responsibility by a member of the Canadian Forces Military Police National Investigative Service after accessing classified archived records, but that admission was quickly dismissed by those in command, which resulted in a cover-up similar to that applied to the Somalia investigation occurring at the same time and authorized by the same officers.

Intimidation and threats have been applied by the Department of National Defense and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in an effort to avoid further disclosure and or investigation in respect to this matter.

All attempts to access assistance and consideration for survivors has been effectively blocked through the manipulation of official channels.

In October 1956 a Royal Canadian Air Force Military Police member was attempting to blow the whistle on the illegal actions occurring at Lincoln Park. His activities were discovered and both he and his wife were murdered in order to prevent disclosure. The two victims names were Charles Jackson and Jean Jackson who at the time of their deaths resided in Building 11 on the Lincoln Park Base. Records were destroyed and altered to prevent further inquiries. Archived records confirm the existence of Charles and Jean and their place of residence in 1956. Both murders were witnessed by a survivor in the context of experimental subjection to trauma.

On May 17, 1958 13 children aged 2 to 9 years were held in cells in the basement of the Lincoln Park Medical Research Facility. All of these children had suffered extensive injuries as a result of their participation in experimental programs. On the afternoon of May 17, 1958 all 13 children were put to death and their bodies removed from the base for disposal. All of which was witnessed by a survivor in the context of experimental subjection to trauma.

More than 23 children acquired for experimental programs either died or were killed as a result of injuries resulting from their participation in medical experiments between 1954 and 1958.

More than 42 men and women were kidnapped, confined and subjected to terminal experiments between 1954 and 1958.

Many of the children acquired for these secret experimental programs were also utilized for the purpose of child prostitution and the manufacture of child pornography.

Despite repeated appeals to the Canadian Dept. of National Defense, the Prime Ministers Office and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police by and on behalf of survivors all such appeals have failed to produce any form of assistance or care for disabled survivors of these secret experimental programs.