Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Deception and Lies

Canada prides itself on being a modern democratic country with great respect and consideration for human rights and freedom. But the pristine image Canada portrays does not reflect the deceptive methods employed to hide her dirty secrets from the world.

Canada sends our troops to protect the people of Afghanistan, from crimes against humanity.

What would our soldiers think if they knew that the term, crimes against humanity, also applied to acts of brutality, administered by the Department of National Defense, and inflicted upon innocent Canadian men, women and children in our own country.

How many WWII veterans would be sickened to discover that Nazi war criminals were secretly imported into Canada, dressed in Canadian military uniforms and sanctioned to command secret military research programs. That known criminals were sanctioned to conduct human medical experiments similar if not identical to those performed upon innocent Jewish prisoners in Hitler's concentration camps, with the assistance of Canadian, British and American personnel.

One such facility was located on the Royal Canadian Air Force Station Lincoln Park, located in Calgary, Alberta, while facilities at the Suffield Research Station were utilized for the purpose of testing chemical and biological warfare agents.

Canadian men & women were kidnapped, confined and starved to death in order to determine their duration of survival without any solid food. Other men & women were subject to dehydration in order to determine their duration of survival without fluids.

Canadian men were kidnapped, confined and subjected to a biological warfare agent in order to determine the effectiveness of the agent to exterminate the wounded survivors of a nuclear exchange.

Perfectly healthy Canadian children were acquired from orphanages and hospitals for the purpose of human medical experimentation. Confined to wire cages (holding cells) the children suffered torture, sexual abuse, rape, medical operations, brainwashing, drug testing, electric shock treatment, insulin shock, chemical warfare agents and deprivation, whereby roughly 96% either died as a direct result of the experimental process or were systematically liquidated.

Some of those children who survived beyond the age of 9 years were subjected to further study, which included a program studying the long term effects of trauma. Therefore some individuals continued to be subject to brutal abuse for a period of roughly 30 years.

No consideration or medical assistance has been offered or provided to these survivors as the military command has seen fit to deny their existence and their injuries, despite suffering severe disabilities resulting from such severe brutality and torture.

The Lincoln Park records pertaining to the years 1954 through 1958 remain classified and actively protected by law some 50 years after the fact.

A ministerial inquiry initiated in 1993 resulted in an admission of responsibility by a member of the Canadian Forces Military Police National Investigative Service after accessing classified archived records, but that admission was quickly dismissed by those in command, which resulted in a cover-up similar to that applied to the Somalia investigation occurring at the same time and authorized by the same officers.

Intimidation and threats have been applied by the Department of National Defense and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in an effort to avoid further disclosure and or investigation in respect to this matter.

All attempts to access assistance and consideration for survivors has been effectively blocked through the manipulation of official channels.

In October 1956 a Royal Canadian Air Force Military Police member was attempting to blow the whistle on the illegal actions occurring at Lincoln Park. His activities were discovered and both he and his wife were murdered in order to prevent disclosure. The two victims names were Charles Jackson and Jean Jackson who at the time of their deaths resided in Building 11 on the Lincoln Park Base. Records were destroyed and altered to prevent further inquiries. Archived records confirm the existence of Charles and Jean and their place of residence in 1956. Both murders were witnessed by a survivor in the context of experimental subjection to trauma.

On May 17, 1958 13 children aged 2 to 9 years were held in cells in the basement of the Lincoln Park Medical Research Facility. All of these children had suffered extensive injuries as a result of their participation in experimental programs. On the afternoon of May 17, 1958 all 13 children were put to death and their bodies removed from the base for disposal. All of which was witnessed by a survivor in the context of experimental subjection to trauma.

More than 23 children acquired for experimental programs either died or were killed as a result of injuries resulting from their participation in medical experiments between 1954 and 1958.

More than 42 men and women were kidnapped, confined and subjected to terminal experiments between 1954 and 1958.

Many of the children acquired for these secret experimental programs were also utilized for the purpose of child prostitution and the manufacture of child pornography.

Despite repeated appeals to the Canadian Dept. of National Defense, the Prime Ministers Office and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police by and on behalf of survivors all such appeals have failed to produce any form of assistance or care for disabled survivors of these secret experimental programs.


Kevin said...

It's wonderful that you have published this David. I hope this causes more witnesses to come forward. What happened at Lincoln Park was another tip of a horrible iceberg that involved residential school children, the Duplessis orphans in Quebec and many others. Let's draw these links through your blog site. Congratulations!
Kevin Annett

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Hi David
Thank you for starting this blog. If you haven't already seen it, I recommend you check out the Indian Lake Project site which is also on Blogspot.

The truth about these experiments needs to be known before our military and governments lead us farther down the road to global fascism, with human robots as their willing slaves.

I was also a child in secret experiments in Montreal -- I believe there were thousands of kids involved in this program, financed by our governments and supported by schools and hospitals.

Ann Diamond

Timbit said...

It is a rude awakening to know the extent that Canada has gone through in order to keep the very real history of these children a secret. With each passing generation, I worry that, without blogs such as this to keep the light burning, those children would be forgotten. Thank you David for what you have done to help keep this flame alive.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this post.im finding it really weird that this is strangely attached to recent musician deaths in the U.S particularly the band Soundgarden and Linkin Park whos lead singers were suicided,whats strange is that Chris Cornell the singer for Soundgarden dies May 17,the same date posted in this blog and the linkin Park logo can be traced on the layout of this base from google earth and whose singer was murdered on july 20th which is Chris Cornells birthday...Coincidence

Kimmer61 said...

It's funny how this is all starting to come out. The connection with the Clinton's going to Alberta on a trip that many thought they were running to get away from the authorities. Tony Podesta has a striking resemblance to the Lincoln Park lead that was suppose to have committed suicide. MK Ultra survivors are starting to speak. Let's hope this horrible part of our Canadian history is totally exposed for what these evil people have done! There is too much of this info to not take it seriously anymore.

Unknown said...

Just a correction... It's John podesta who is a spitting image of chester. Tony is his brother both of whom are predators...

Unknown said...

I was gonna comment the same thing... You beat me to it. Yes both were murdered .