Saturday, October 20, 2007

Selling Children

It used to be that military personnel were not allowed to moonlight, have a second job or run a part-time business, but some did.

Some of them had a second income.......they made money from child prostitution.

Of course I am talking about a small group of individuals who considered rules and laws made to be broken......laws were something they could work to their advantage. And those in the intelligence community found it incredibly easy to function above and beyond the law. They were professional law breakers by trade and if they could get away with murder why not make some money on the side.

During the mid 50s the price was $20.00 for time with a little girl and there was no shortage of clients. They came from all walks of life and all professions, both men and women. They even catered to corporations and the wealthy wishing to entertain their friends and clients.

And at the end of each session photographs of the girls could be purchased.

If that wasn't enough, they also had a thriving market for pornographic movies, after all they already had the necessary equipment supplied by the D.N.D. and no one was using their government facilities during the night. And they had plenty of little girls to borrow from their secret research programs, so there was little expense involved and a great deal of profit.

Unfortunately they did not consider the little girls, as the pain and terror that these little girls experienced left indelible scars on their psyche. The girls they used for prostitution and pornography were 4 to 9 years of age.

It was not enough that these children were subjected to a wide variety of brutal torture in the context of human experiments, but they were also marketed as prostitutes and used in the manufacture of child pornography.

I do not believe any of this would have been possible if there had been adequate checks and balances in place, but checks and balances did not exist. The existence of secret programs run by the military intelligence community were only known to those directly involved. No one outside of those directly involved knew what was going on or who was involved.

Even today very little is known concerning these secret programs, despite assurances that much has been revealed through the various processes of disclosure. But what has been revealed is the tiny tip of a huge iceberg.

No one person knows the whole truth of the situation due to the secrecy and classification of so many different programs and projects.

When Charles Jackson attempted to blow the whistle concerning the violent abuse and murder of children at Lincoln Park he had put his hands on the paper work dealing with three separate projects, Project Midnight, Project Cancer and Project Sergeant.

It was the secrecy and the nature of the programs that allowed so many things to go so terribly wrong. There should never have been any human medical experiments, but there were. Children should never have been involved but they were.

For many decades the Canadian Military claimed that no humans were ever subjected to the experimental process, that only rats, guinea pigs and mice were employed. But recently we have learned that more than 2500 Canadian soldiers were unwittingly forced to endure the effects of chemical warfare agents in the form of mustard gas and chlorine during the 40s at CFB Suffield.

More than 50 years after the fact, after most of the soldiers had died from exposure to these toxic chemicals those remaining alive were finally given some small measure of acknowledgment for their suffering. But during those 50 plus years they were not offered specialized medical care or even allowed to report the cause of their various illnesses due to the fact that they had sworn an oath of secrecy. So many of them took their secrets to the grave.

Taking advantage of soldiers is one thing and finally making some small effort to make amends is all very fine, but I am talking about the government and the military having taken advantage of little girls and boys who they still refuse to acknowledge having been subjected to any form of abusive treatment by the military.

We are not responsible for their injuries and illness says the Judge Advocate General, there is no evidence to support their claims.

I guess not, because their records are classified and protected by law and can only be declassified at the discretion of the military command. Full disclosure as soon as possible does not apply here, this is a matter of national security.

Perhaps I would understand it better if a small degree of honesty were to be applied, perhaps we could tell the world that these records and files remain classified in order to protect Canada. The Canadian military required the aid of children to ensure the safety of the nation, therefore their rights and freedoms have been sacrificed in order to maintain the status qua.

But its not quite that simple is it? Nazi war criminals were employed and protected from the international courts and on top of that they murdered a lot of innocent Canadian children in order to hide the fact that human medical experiments were being conducted.

How would it look if everyone knew that little girls were exposed to mustard gas at Suffield with no medical aid administered during the days that followed. Instead of medical aid they were drowned in order to silence their moans and groans, which the experimenters found so annoying.

What the bloody hell is wrong with you people, have you no heart, no soul, no feelings?

Don't you get it tortured, raped and murdered innocent little children because you were afraid............terrified of your own inadequacy. You committed crimes against humanity, you defied international law, you spit in the face of decency and valor. You betrayed every man and woman who ever wore the Canadian uniform, you pissed on the unknown soldier. You betrayed Canada.

Now you want to silence me with your cowardly threats, you want me to roll over and pretend none of this happened.

NO! It is never going to happen! No matter what you say or what you do, the answer is NO!

God bless every single one of these children and allow them some peace.

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Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Again -- I believe (know) you are right about this, especially after I attended this year's S.M.A.R.T. conference in Connecticut and met survivors including some who had been trafficked as children, either by the military or through the "auspices" of psychiatric institutions. e.g. the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal. I also heard about child trafficking by some of the wealthiest, most powerful families in Canada, whose mansions were sometimes used for this purpose. How is this possible, and how has our government managed to keep this toxic story a secret for decades? I found some answers in two books on Satanic Ritual Abuse and mind control, which I also picked up at the S.M.A.R.T. conference. MORNING COME QUICKLY by Wanda Karriker and HIDDEN SECRETS Christine Gow, both provide insight into how families can become unwitting vectors for unbelievably heinous crimes.

At Suffield base, it sounds like organized crime had taken control of the military. Oaths of secrecy are a scourge on humanity, and the people who use "national security" as a cover for evil should be tried for crimes against humanity.