Sunday, October 28, 2007


Sylvia was a research subject at Lincoln Park with the lab number 418.

She had been in the program for a number of years and suffered every form of punishment and abuse possible, as well as suffering the painful trauma of child prostitution and pornography.

But Sylvia had shattered, she had been broken. Her mind had been shattered and there was no way to put it back together so a decision was made to eliminate her from the program, which meant she was to be killed and her body removed from the base for disposal.

In the context of the program Sara was to share the trauma of Sylvia's demise, so the two girls were seated at a table and given some paper and crayons to play with.

Sara was trying to get Sylvia to crayon with her, but Sylvia was in a terrible state and unable to hold a crayon in her shaking hand. Sara did attempt to put a crayon in Sylvia's hand but when their hands touched Sylvia let out a shriek as she could no longer stand to be touched by anyone. The crayon simply rolled to edge of the table and fell to the floor.

Sylvia was shaking all over, her hands were shaking, her head was shaking and her legs were shaking. Her eyes were rapidly flicking back and forth then they rolled back in her head and she slumped forward. She could not talk, smile or cry, she was like a rag doll, yet she somehow managed to remain in her chair without falling to the floor.

Finally the chief medical officer entered the room carrying a beautiful long stemmed red rose which he pinned to Sylvia's dress. Again she let out a shriek, which the doctor ignored and left the room.

Sara did not get a red rose, but she admired Sylvia's and the pretty red ribbon in her hair.

Within a few minutes the doctor returned as he wanted the girls to come down the hall with him to another room. He placed Sara's hand on his coattail and instructed her to hold on while he lifted Sylvia to her feet. Sylvia let out another shriek as he used his arms to support her from behind while the three of them shuffled down the hall to the black room.

Once in the black room with the door closed Sylvia was put on the floor, while Sara was placed in a chair where she was to sit and watch in silence.

The doctor's assistant was there waiting for instructions, while the doctor found his clipboard and his stopwatch.

"Put her head in the white bucket of water, I want to see if, in her broken state, she will resist and hold her breath or whether she will just breathe the water in."

The lab assistant dragged Sylvia over to the bucket and she shrieked at his touch.

"We'll go for thirty seconds, put her head in there."

The lab assistant put her head in the water and the seconds ticked away.

"Times up, let me take a look, it appears she held her breath doesn't it."

"Where's my tape recorder, can you see it anywhere?

"It's over there," said the lab assistant.

"Good, I want to really focus on this. We'll go for forty five seconds, make it thirty five."

"She appears to be breathing alright, were there any bubbles in the water.?"

"Yes," said the lab assistant.

"Alright, thirty five seconds this time."

Her head was pushed under the water again while the seconds ticked away.

"Times up, how is she now, let me see her."

"She's coughing, her eyes don't look focused. This is purely survival, I don't believe she is consciously fighting it, it's just instinct."

"I've never seen this so pronounced, she's taken in a little water but her instincts for living are still intact."

"This is amazing, real exciting, but of course she had minimal brainwashing compared to other subjects."

"Let me think, let's go backwards, we'll make it twenty five seconds."


Sylvia"s head was again in the water as the seconds ticked away.

"Any bubbles?"

"Only a few, I think she's drowning," said the lab assistant.

"Wait, bring her out, now!"

"Is she still breathing?"

"Barely," said the lab assistant.

"She's still fighting, we'll cut back to fifteen seconds."

Again Sylvia's head was in the water.

"I think she's had enough," said the lab assistant.

"Bring her out now, any breathing signs?"

"Yes, very faint," said the lab assistant.

"Alright, lets try and get some of this water out of her."

"That's good, we'll try twenty seconds."


Again Sylvia's head is in the water.

"Stop! She's a fighter, this is great."

"If I'd known this earlier I would have put her in the physical deprivation program where the instincts are all a person has left to fight or flight and she's a fighter."

"I have to reexamine her psychological and motor skills program testing again."

"Twenty five seconds."

Again Sylvia's head is in the water.


"We've lost her, she isn't breathing, let's get the water out of her."

"No, it's not working, CPR!"

"I have a very weak heart beat, it's irregular."

"She can't take anymore," said the lab assistant.

"She's not shaking any more," said the doctor.

"And how would you like her to die?" asked the lab assistant.

"Put her head in the hot bucket of water, hold it in there for awhile. I can study her nasal passages, eyes, ears and brain. I want to do this in less than an hour so get her to the lab right away."

Once she was dead Sylvia's body was taken down the hall to the lab and of course Sara was taken in there too, as she was to watch the doctor study her nose, ears, eyes and brain.

When he had finished cutting and scraping he brought two rats from a nearby cage and placed them on Sylvia's lifeless body. They were hungry, they lapped her blood and nibbled at her exposed flesh.

Rats were kept for certain tests, but for the most part they seem to have been used more for traumatizing the children. Consequently Sara was absolutely horrified as well as traumatized by the sight of the rats crawling around on Sylvia's body.

This was referred to as scientific research and the killing of children no longer capable of continuing on in the program to which they were assigned was considered both rational and prudent in the mind of the doctor in charge.

When he was finally finished with Sylvia she was transported off the base for disposal while Sara was left behind to suffer some more.

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Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Just wanted to pass on some information from a friend in NYC, where Columbia University is invoking "eminent domain" to grab a large chunk of West Harlem, where it wants to build a new research facility. The planned complex is connected to Homeland Security and will have 7 storeys of underground laboratories etc.. This project comes courtesy of the rapidly-growing Disaster Management industry.

My friend, who is a filmmaker
immediately realized the implications of this project, and fears that black children from his
neighbourhood would start disappearing in greater numbers if it goes forward. So now he has
joined a coalition to stop Columbia from grabbing the land. I told him about your blog, and suggested it could be used to alert people to the kind of methods that have been used in secret research in the past.

So, although it may be hard for you to write and post these horrible stories, I am sure you're doing the world a huge service.

Thank you!