Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Horrific Brutality

The cruel and horrific brutality experienced by human experimental subjects at Lincoln Park is beyond anything previously reported in Canada, Britain or the United States, yet Lincoln Park was only one of many such experimental facilities in Canada to subject men, women and children to such treatment.

It was military protocol, in terms of rules and regulations that acted as a blind to hide the true nature of these secret programs, which would not have otherwise been allowed within the confines of a Canadian military base.

If the truth had been made public at the time the chief medical officer would have been arrested and deported back to Europe to stand trial for crimes against humanity, as by his own admission to his staff and experimental subjects he was extremely proud of his wartime medical experiments on Jewish prisoners.

While he sipped his morning tea he expressed regret over the war having to end as he had wished to kill so many more Jews, despite the fact that his medical experiments had killed thousands. And it was in this vain that he continually requested Jewish orphans be supplied for his experiments at Lincoln Park.

Fortunately very few Jewish orphans were available, but those few that were placed in his custody suffered far beyond what can be rationally comprehended by most.

At Lincoln Park he received several little Jewish boys, two of whom were twins. Each of these children suffered incomprehensible torture and monstrous mutilation.

Most of his colleagues in Canada were controlled by means of blackmail and intimidation, whereby no one dared defy his authority under the threat of death. And anyone who did cross the line soon discovered how it felt to be a victim.

In this context a group of his colleagues watched as a little Jewish boy finally died on the operating table after suffering nothing less than prolonged torture and mutilation. But this was not the end for Samuel, as the chief medical officer cut a strip of his flesh into small cubes and placed them in a dish. He passed the dish to his colleagues and each of them ate a portion of the child's flesh, which pleased the doctor to the point where he attempted to make a sick joke and I quote; "Jews always come out the other end as shit." And they all snickered in agreement.

This cruel racist bastard was given the respect and dignity of a Canadian Military Officer and afforded all the privileges of rank and seniority. And no one outside his inner circle had any idea as to who he really was or what he was actually doing, but had they known I am confident that his criminal activities would have come to an immediate halt.

Unfortunately his inner circle included military intelligence officers, members of the military police, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Special Branch, military doctors and civilian employees, plus many others.

His staff was made up of British, Canadian and American personnel consisting of both men and women.

In 1994 an attempt was made to bring charges against one individual who had actively participated in the physical, mental and sexual abuse of children at Lincoln Park, as well as murder charges and child prostitution charges, but this attempt failed due to the protective attitude of the R.C.M.P. and the Military Police. It would appear that the prosecution of those responsible and still alive is beyond the scope of our Canadian authorities.

A mass burial site has been reported to the R.C.M.P. in relation to a rural farm, the identity of its principle resident during the 50s and its physical location, but police action was flatly denied. And a threat was made to the effect that anyone attempting to access the site would be arrested.

The idea that we are all equal under the law, in relation to our inherent rights and freedoms seems a very bad joke at best if crimes against humanity are repeatedly allowed to be swept off the table and through the cracks in the floor.

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