Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Another little girl to die at Lincoln Park was Diana and her lab number was 514.

At the time of her death, in 1957, she was 3 years old a year younger than Sara.

I do not know the cause of her death, but during her autopsy the chief medical officer reported that she had a severed spine and had been dead for 24 hours.

Sara was placed in a highchair and instructed to pay attention during Diana's autopsy.

Every portion of Diana's corpse was studied in detail including her internal organs. Nothing was overlooked including hair and fingernail clippings.

Considerable time was spent examining her brain before he removed her jaw bone, the inferior maxillary, which was to be added to his collection. He kept the jawbone of each dead child.

When the autopsy was complete he filled the cavity of her body with what appeared to be salt. There were bags of this material stacked against the wall. Her body was placed in a steel drum and more of this salt like material was poured into the drum and then it was sealed.

The steel drum containing Diana's body was put on a truck and delivered to the farm in the country for disposal. And like so many of the others she was destined to be fed to the mink which were employed to dispose of human bodies.

No words can accurately convey the true horror of this operation. At times bodies were stacked in piles awaiting disposal, to be chopped into small pieces and fed to the hungry mink.

The officer responsible for the security of the programs made routine visits to this farm to ensure the bodies were being consumed in a timely and efficient fashion.

Diana suffered horrific brutality in the form of physical and mental torture until she was finally dead. And although she was only 3 years old she had suffered as much as anyone could possibly suffer. Her entire life was one continuous pain filled nightmare.

What kind of people hide crimes like this? What kind of people continue to hide these horrific crimes and deny the existence of survivors like Sara?

If it is more important to protect the guilty than to consider the innocent victims I feel we must be suffering from a severely disabling psychosis.

When will we recover and come to our senses, to finally realize that deception has been the order of the day for a very long time?


Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

When it comes to secret experiments on human beings, Columbia University has a record going back to the early days of the Cold War. And more recently, this great university has been exposed for conducting AIDS experiments on orphans -- at least 10 of whom died in forced drug trials beginning in the 1980s.

Now Columbia is grabbing land in West Harlem to build (among other things) a seven-storey underground biomedical laboratory, and Harlem's residents are fiercely opposing the planned expropriation and takeover of 17 blocks of their neighbourhood.

Up to now, there has been little media coverage of this ongoing battle. In fact, I heard about it only through a friend who lives in Harlem.

What is this underground research laboratory being designed for? Who is behind it? Who are the investors, benefactors, donors? What kind of research will be carried out there?

Some of the important names driving this project are connected to Disaster Management for the Department of Homeland Security. They say the new underground facility will be for chemical and biological warfare experiments.

In the middle of Harlem?

Two Columbia professors, David Markenson, MD and Irwin Redlener, MD, both from the university's new National Center for Disaster Preparedness, have written an article explaining "Pediatric Terrorism Preparedness." Creepy, especially in the light of information coming to light about Lincoln Park and other top secret Cold War projects which focused on children.

The article's abstract reads:

"A cadre of experts and stakeholders from government agencies, professional organizations, emergency medicine and response, pediatrics, mental health, and disaster preparedness were gathered to review and summarize the existing data on the needs of children in the planning, preparation, and response to disasters or terrorism. This review was followed by development of evidence-based consensus guidelines and recommendations on the needs of children in disasters, including chemical, biological, and radiological terrorism. An evidence-based consensus process was used in conjunction with a modified Delphi approach for selection of topic areas and discussion points. These recommendations and guidelines represent the first national evidence-based standards for pediatric disaster and terrorism preparedness."

Did they actually say they are examining data to "assess the needs of children in the planning, preparation, and response to disasters or terrorism"??

Whoever wrote that telling line committed a blatant Freudian error. Grammatically, it suggests that Homeland Security is planning and preparing -- not just responding to -- disasters and terrorism.

We need to start asking aloud what the "experts" are up to this time and whether, under the newly-coined term of “pediatric terrorism preparedness" orphans will be exposed to chemical and biological warfare agents -- as they were at Lincoln Park.

People in Harlem have got to be wondering if their children are going to be used in biological and chemical warfare experiments by the Department of Homeland Security.

It may be the beginning of a new wave of medical research programs targeting children from poor neighbourhoods.

It seems the war on terror is moving into a new phase.

Seems we've entered a never-ending, self-perpetuating spiral of terror and reaction to terror. A world where "preparedness" really means rehearsing for planned disasters. A world where we pretend to "protect" children from bioterrorism -- by exposing them to it.

Vev said...


The underground lab does NOT sound good.