Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Keeping It Secret

When secret programs involve illegal activities only those with a proven track record are considered suitable. This means that the most knowledgeable and skilled personnel are given the responsibility of these programs.

Highly trained and highly skilled intelligence personnel are tasked to ensure the security of these secret programs.

In the case of Lincoln Park only those directly involved were to know that such programs existed. Orders were; no one is to know and no one is to find out and if a problem arises you resolve it in the most effective manner possible.

And of course they did just that, when someone inside or outside of their inner circle became suspect or a threat they were eliminated immediately and all evidence was made to disappear. And although all security personnel carried side arms they were not used in the execution of security risks, nonetheless they were used to intimidate and control potential victims.

A short length of rope and a hammer were the most common weapons of choice, but a variety of different means were employed.

To start with none of these people could ever be described as nice guys or nice gals, because they were anything but nice.

Remember, some of these people worked together for more than 8 years without a break in the routine. And their duties involved hanging offences at the time, so what would happen if they did their own thing on the side? Nothing, absolutely nothing, because no one knew and no one was going to find out.

It takes a lot of cooperation and a lot of resourcefulness to organize and run an operation like the one at Lincoln Park, have it remain a secret and known only to those directly involved and their contacts in Ottawa, Washington and London.

They functioned through secret channels, which involved an R.C.M.P liaison with the CIA and the British MI, plus cooperation from the Canadian Department of National Defence, people who knew the scope and the purpose of these secret programs.

In common terms of understanding they were running a white slavery ring, they acquired children and adults for human medical experiments and disposed of the bodies as required.

And as the chief medical officer was a devote Nazi it was not difficult for him to organize his staff to participate in a variety of after hours activities. It was like a private club for racial bigots where Jews were the victims of choice. But they had no problem victimizing blacks and aboriginals with equal intensity.

Racial murders were a regular occurrence for this crowd, which brought them into direct contact with like minded folks outside of the military.

A typical gathering would involve the Lincoln Park crew, who took to calling themselves the Knights of Darkness, under the leadership of the chief medical officer, and a local branch of the KKK. They would drive out to the host farm and park their cars and trucks in a circle around a bonfire. The Knights of Darkness wore black robes and black hoods while the KKK wore white robes and white hoods adorned with small metal crosses attached to a chain.

They would sing hymns around the bonfire until it was time for the main event of the evening. A black man would be brought from the barn and chained to a large wooden cross which would then be raised and placed in a hole to hold it upright.

The Knights of Darkness were first to participate and with knives drawn they would each in turn cut the man chained to the cross. The KKK would then each in turn take a burning timber from the bonfire and place it at the base of the cross.

The cross itself had been soaked with diesel to ensure combustion and the poor soul in chains burned to death on the cross.

At other times a hanging took place in the barn or their victim was simply run down on a country road or power tools were employed in a workshop. But regardless of the method it always resulted in the agonizing death of their victim.

They had a body disposal set-up on a rural farm, which employed mink to consume the flesh and bones of many experimental subjects, but this was not as efficient as they had hoped. Plus many of the bodies were unfit even for mink food so alternative methods were employed.

A large tank of acid was very effective, but even that had its limitations as the tank had to be repeatedly emptied and refilled with fresh acid.

Another method of disposal involved cemeteries, with a Jewish cemetery being preferred. They would remove recently placed coffins from the cemetery, remove the corpses and chop them into pieces along with one or two of their most recent victims and then repack the coffins with the various body parts and return them to the cemetery.

No one suspected and no one knew that the evidence of so many brutal murders was hidden in this manner.

At other times they simply poured several one gallon jugs of acid over the corpse.

And this continued for years, while at the same time they were selling the little girls from the programs as child prostitutes as well as manufacturing and selling child pornography.

The body count of course kept climbing, but it did not end with Lincoln Park, it continued on for many more years.

Run aways and hitch hikers were also victimized as were lone drifters.

But why didn't they get caught? Because they functioned outside of the box, beyond the limits of normal consideration. They understood that few people were capable of considering the possibility of such crimes occurring in their own community or in their own country. It was beyond reason to even suggest such a possibility and for the most part it still is, which is why they got away with it and why others still do.

Collectively we don't want to believe it because it is just too bloody terrifying, but what about the victims? What about them...............what if you were one of them, would you shrug it off as some kind of crazy idea. I don't think so, I think you would hope that someone might care enough to at least acknowledge your pain and suffering at the hands of such monsters.

Do you think the cover-up is just a coincidence, a timely coincidence at that?

Oh yes, there is a cover-up and you can take it to the bank.

How many corpses does it take before we demand accountability?

Where is all this deception headed? Where is it going to end?

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