Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Reason for This Blog

Danny was only 2 years old on May 17, 1958. He had come to Lincoln Park as a baby and over the course of two years he suffered unimaginable pain.

I do not know how Danny felt or how much pain he suffered, as I was not the one experiencing the nightmare. Nor do I know how Sara felt or the pain she suffered.

They lived in terror..........not knowing from one hour to the next or one minute to the next what was going to happen or if they would survive. Death was a constant shadow and in the end only one child would leave Lincoln Park alive.

On May 17, 1958 Danny lay in a cold and damp cell in the basement of the medical research facility and he was ill. He was a very sick little boy, who should have been in a hospital, but he was not in a hospital, he was in a steel framed wire cell, alone and afraid.

The chief medical officer was a very sick man himself, but his sickness affected his soul and his mind.......he wanted to torment Danny before he died so he put several hungry rats in his cell, rats that bit and scratched.

On the afternoon of May 17, 1958 Danny was still alive, but he was scheduled to die along with the others and by 3:45 it was over. Danny was the last to die and his time of death was 3:45.

Danny had the lab number 516 beside his name along with his time of death and the date.

When it was over 13 small bodies were packed into coffins and carried up the stairs to the truck waiting to transport them off the base.

As I have previously mentioned, a hammer was a weapon of choice and this execution of 13 helpless children was no exception.

The chief medical officer wanted a quick and efficient way to kill his victims and his final choice was a hammer and a spike. He alternated his method between the children....the first was a heart wound and the second was a head wound, with next being a heart wound.

A spike was hammered through their chest into their heart or a spike was hammered through their forehead into their brain.

And in each case he timed their death, with a stopwatch he counted the seconds from the time of inflicting a wound to the time of death and noted this on his clipboard.

He was assisted by two other men, one was his chief security officer and the other still remains unidentified.

The chief security officer and this unidentified man transported the bodies off the base and delivered them to the disposal site located on a rural farm.

The chief medical officer remained behind to complete his paperwork and attend to Sara who had witnessed this mass killing of 13 innocent children.

So why would I put this on a public blog?

Because it matters, each of these children matter, regardless of the time elapsed. What difference does it make if it happened today or 50 years ago if the crime is being perpetuated by deception and denial.

Thousands of Canadian children died at the hands of medical experimenters during the 50s. No one knows the exact number, but by all accounts it is in the thousands.

Of course most of them were orphans, but what does that have to do with anything?

I cannot change what happened and I will never know the pain they felt, but I know what I feel for and compassion.

Will this horrific crime be repeated? I don't know, but I do know extreme measures are being taken to ensure that the truth is never known, because it would tarnish Canada's sterling reputation.

Is this the price Canadians are willing to pay for a good reputation? What kind of people would hide such a crime to further their own interests?

What kind of people would turn their backs on innocent children, especially their own?

I call them cowards, because they would betray any and all of us to protect their own interests, to protect themselves from the truth.

If accountability is not demanded for the murder of innocent children there is nothing left to demand accountability for.

God help us one and all.


Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Hi David -- These horrors have to be known but as you're saying, there is much processing to be done on the emotional level including grieving for the unimaginable and unspeakable No one should have to do this alone, and that's one reason there desperately needs to be a public accounting. We are a deeply splintered society and trauma splinters us even further. At the top of the pyramid are cool, smiling sociopaths untouched by the results of their actions, cushioned by membership in secret societies which reward them for being "team players" -- not to mention the chains of blackmail that silence witnesses and prevent the public from knowing. It's this entrenched system that has to be exposed as the source of our collective insanity. Each of us, one by one, has to break the silence.

Vev said...

I feel that everyone of your posts needs to be acknowledged. Those poor kids.