Friday, June 5, 2009

International Abductions

Young children destined for medical experimental programs were in some cases imported as foreign nationals and issued Canadian certificates of birth.

Traveling in the company of Canadian Military personnel they were to be identified as the dependents of their handlers.

For the purpose of long term studies and the security of the secret programs it was imperative that the research subjects not know their true place of birth, the identity of their biological parents or the existence of any surviving family members.

Whether they originated in Poland, France or Ireland they were to appear as Canadian citizens.

In order to make this policy functional torture was applied to these children at a very early age in order to erase any previous memories.

One such example was a little girl, abducted from a roadside bomb scene in Ireland during the early 50s, who was barely 2 years of age when both her mother and father were killed by the blast of the bomb.

Her abductors covered her head with a sack and bound her with rope. She was taken by boat to England and offered for sale in a dockside warehouse where she was purchased by a British agent and subjected to torture intent on deleting her accent and accepting her masters commands.

From England she was transported by air through New York and on to Canada arriving in Calgary, Alberta in 1954 to be used as a research subject in an experimental program studying the long term effects of trauma.

Now after 23 years of therapy she finally remembered her past and spontaneously relived the fateful day her peaceful life was forever shattered. She remembered her mom and she cried. Prior to this moment she had no idea she had ever had a mother who loved her.

From this revelation it is understandable why so many historical events remain classified and securely kept from public scrutiny. The truth of her life is protected by law as it represents a direct threat to the national security of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The use of the secrets act to hide criminal activities and crimes against humanity is in itself a crime which cannot be justified under any circumstances.

Yet, such crimes persist on the basis of political expediency.

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Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

David -- thank you again for this. I just found it. I just learned of another angle to this story, involving a Toronto mental hospital, Lakeshore Psychiatric.

Recently I met a German man who believes he was born in this hospital ca. 1958, and lived there with the people he thought were his parents, both of whom worked as nurses, until 1964. Then they returned to Germany, from where they had emigrated in 1953. In other words, they worked at Lakeshore exactly during the MKULTRA years, 1953-64. His father was involved in producing pornography, and back in Germany they were able to purchase a new house and car, although as workers at LPH they had been earning $50/week.

Their son grew up in Germany is now a judge. He has many characteristics of a MKULTRA kid, including psychic abilities, photographic memory, and a computer-like mind.

A few years ago he learned his "father" was actually his stepfather, and his real father was a "Jewish doctor." His birth was connected with "experiments on pregnant women" that were being done at Lakeshore at that time.

There is an overgrown cemetery containing the bodies of hundreds of Lakeshore patients, who are buried three deep in unmarked graves. Many of the staff at Lakeshore came from Germany -- and the judge remembers his parents spoke German on the job. He thinks many Lakeshore patients were actually German-speaking holocaust survivors who were shipped to Canada, so mentally ill that they never left the hospital alive. In other words they were Jewish concentration camp survivors who came under some special agreement.

In about 1962, all records of these patients were destroyed by LPH director Dr. C. E. Moorhouse, who wrote a letter explaining he did this to 'save the Canadian taxpayer money' which was being 'wasted' by maintaining the records from this period.

Therefore it's impossible to find out the names of the patients who were there during the MKULTRA years.

The judge believes these Jewish identities were stolen and possibly given to Nazi war criminals and others entering Canada under the auspices of the Canadian government and military.

It all fits very nicely.

Hope you are well. Happy New Year!