Friday, April 16, 2010

A Reason Why

Over the years I have heard just about every excuse anyone could make for not wanting to stand up and speak on behalf of those who have died as a direct result of human medical experiments or those who are disabled survivors of human medical experimental programs.

Many have to think of their position or occupation...can't put their income or financial security at risk.

Others claim they have to protect their family from harm, which means they can't get involved.

The one that really sticks out in my mind came from a political figure who made a solemn promise to a disabled survivor...they promised they would go to bat for them...only to fail in keeping this promise on the grounds their wife was a nurse involved in secret medical work in Alberta during the 50s and was sworn to secrecy. The politician's wife could not divulge anything they had seen, heard or done and this gallant individual was not about to ask them to break their sworn oath. Therefore he could not be involved as to do so could in turn jeopardize his wife and his marriage.

Another one was a real tough guy, a career sergeant with the Canadian Military Police...he promised a disabled survivor that he would not let them down on the basis of classified files he had uncovered during a ministerial inquiry. He promised he would establish a solid case on their behalf. But when push came to shove he folded and denied having made such a promise. He also denied knowledge of any existing classified files pertaining to the case in question.

I could go on like this at length, but the point must be made very clear...any and all injustice in this world does not come about by accident but by the failure of many to stand and deliver in respect to upholding the virtues of common law and decency.

Too many are not prepared to sacrifice anything for the benefit of the whole, not even a decrease in their annual income.

The idea that keeping your mouth shut and your eyes closed will in turn assure your safety and personal security is a delusional idea. At best this is a temporary fix, but in the long haul it allows deception to prevail and corruption to flourish.

The criminal activities that occurred at Lincoln Park are an example of what can happen when those responsible are allowed to dismiss rule of law as an inconvenient obstacle to their given agenda.

If no one is to be held accountable what can we expect other than continued deception and a further increase in corruption.

If we dismiss rule of law by turning a blind eye to criminal activity on the pretext of protecting our personal interests and maintaining our perceived sense of safety we are leaving ourselves wide open to the consequences.

There is no excuse by which to dismiss the torture and murder of innocent individuals for the purpose of maintaining national security, as no such national security exists for the citizens of a nation that bases its security on deception and deceit.

It is our responsibility to ensure the rights and freedoms of each every Canadian citizen, if we are to ensure our own.

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Amazingly, but sadly, the amassed fortunes of the few are able (allowed) to influence globally, policies that keep themselves in power with little or no "checks and balances." This allows, in essence, criminally psychopathic behaviors to proliferate, leaving the innocent to suffer for their crimes against humanity.