Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Imported Children

Children kidnapped and moved from country to country are difficult if not impossible to trace.

One example of this has come to light from Lincoln Park.

It all started in Ireland, with a little girl (2 years old) named Maggie sitting on her mothers lap. Dad was driving the car and they were on their way to town.

Up ahead the narrow road passed between several stone buildings, two on one side of the road and one on the other side.

Dad looked scared and he told mom that something was wrong. He told mom to put me in the back seat, so she lifted me over the seat and laid me down.

Seconds later I saw the bomb, a flash and a loud noise. The car was hurled across the road into the side of the stone building. I was thrown off the seat onto the floor. I was screaming, da, da, da. I could hear my dad moaning.

A man pulled me from the wreckage and I saw my mom in the front of the car, half her head was gone and my dad had blood pouring down his face.

There were three men and they had masks to hide their faces. One of them put a sack over my head and they put a rope around my neck to hold the sack in place.

I heard a man with an English accent tell me I didn't have a mom and dad, I was born in a cabbage patch.

They put me on a boat, I could smell the ocean, and took me to England. They took me from the boat and carried me into a warehouse and stood me on my feet.

There were other men there who looked at me, but only one of them wanted me. He was going to make me speak proper English. He took away my clothes and tied me up. He hit me with a stick when I didn't speak properly.

He kept the sack on my head and only lifted it enough to put water or food in my mouth. The food was some kind of oatmeal.

I was forced to pee and shit myself and once in a while they would spray water on me to get me clean.

After some time they put me on a plane and sent me to Canada. I arrived in Ottawa in 1954 and was taken to Calgary, Alberta to be a research subject in secret experimental programs at Lincoln Park and Suffield.

I have a Canadian birth certificate, but I was not born in Ottawa like it says, I was born in Ireland.

Today I have no way of knowing who I really am. I think my real mom called me Maggie, but I don't know my last name.

How many more children might have been imported from a foreign country and used as research subjects in Canada?

Could some of these children have come from Poland, France or elsewhere?

One did come from Ireland and all of the children involved in the secret medical experiments had to come from somewhere.

If so, is it any wonder that all of this remains so highly classified and still actively protected?

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