Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Torture of Children

The Canadian military command deny the use of children in secret experimental programs.

To what extremes they will go to contain the truth I do not know, but it would appear they have no intention of acknowledging responsibility for the brutal torture inflicted upon defenseless children.

They can deny children having been involved.........but listen to a conversation that took place between the chief medical officer and a visitor to Lincoln Park.

It is the chief medical officer speaking.........explaining his experimental work with Sara.

"It takes a great deal of patience to do this work. I can't rush it at all. I've had my failures, but part of that is due to the subjects themselves."

"The days Sara comes to the lab just to have fun and play are important. She must have a sense of well being in the program and allowed that time. This is also true of her home life, she must have three day intervals of just being treated like a regular kid. It's important for her to believe I have absolute power over her."

"Luckily mother and father follow my instructions very well. Theirs is just a small part, but is absolutely necessary."

"It's important for her to believe that I am God. She must be taken to a state of relentless terror so I can step in and act as her savior. It's also important for me to make her feel absolutely safe, then to spring something traumatic at her."

"This is very compelling work. We have a small problem with her disassociating at times. Not everybody can pick up on this. I get concerned when I have to use other members that can't see all the changes in her, but so far it's going fairly well."

"I have such a great influence over her that I feel everything, every mistake, can be rectified. We want to split her in two using solely her emotions and subconscious intellect. We can't have her displaying two different personalities. We must use the trigger phrases for control. These have been deeply ingrained in her subconscious mind. Even seeing for example the color purple will trigger her into a state of noncommittal."

"You have to use these phrases and pictures as an avenue to obtain both fear and safety. The utter confusion in her subconscious acts like a safe break. This usually just causes dizziness and a sense of wanting to sleep in her. She also exhibits clumsiness, but all these traits exhibit nothing unusual to the average person, average educated person. Only a trained psychiatrist, an excellent psychiatrist, might notice these traits but would probably easily dismiss them in a child."

"The trauma is the key. We want her to eventually, in a traumatic state, to obey any orders without question. It may be confusing to the layman that using a yes and no program would confine the subject, this is not so. It is also very useful in her daily routine of decisions. This will also confound her, but she must be intellectually subdued for this to happen. If she is alert she will act in a normal capacity with yes meaning yes at that time."

"Sexual abuse is also important as it allows me to reach a part of her mind not easily accessible. This abuse even helps the trauma to reach a deeper place in her."

"Children are wonderful subjects to work with. The very young seem to live in the moment, their minds are so impressionable even to the age of eight. I have found that ten year olds need more brain washing to comply."

"Sara is so flexible that I can hypnotize her in a matter of seconds. Even in the state of hypnosis she can scream from a traumatic sight. This is an appropriate reaction and is very important in letting me know the break in her is subliminally profound. I believe trauma and sexual abuse is a marked way to produce a subject that is going to have raw instincts of survival and a marked degree of total abeyance."

And he continues..................

"It's important to deal with the many facets of humanity."

"Later in life they develop a sense of spirituality and I often wonder if children have a sense of this?"

"We have to knock out each peg that forms the metabolic structure of the psyche and the psychological barriers which protect us from any radical deviations that are forced to enter the areas of psychosis. But I have found an acute pressure control where you can send the subject spiraling abruptly and quickly into a state of traumatic disassociation."

"Where the foundation is knocked out and replaced with a memory that has some coinciding details it is best to jolt the subject down quickly into a state of psychological repression and degradation. It seems highly significant to release them slowly with significant reassurance of safety and pleasure to their semi-self willed existence."

They say they didn't use children........yet this was not the case at all, in fact children were very important to the success of these secret programs.....such as the program labeled, The Long Term Effects of Trauma.

Denial of abuse is itself abuse................the abuse must stop now!


Vev said...

Bravo for you and your work. You have a lot of heart and for that I commend you.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Where did you find all this stuff?

Unknown said...

I have a friend that thinks he was a part of some sort of military experiment in his childhood. He is aboriginal adopted by hight ranking military man his grand father. He recalled some implants being put in his body was told about some sort of sectet mission. Where can I find more in formation on these experiments. It probably was around 1980.