Friday, May 9, 2008

More Than A Nightmare

Imagine if you will that you have just arrived in a strange city, a place where you believe good jobs abound. So the very first thing you do is grab a newspaper and search for the available jobs.

And bingo, right off the bat you find one that sounds very says to apply in person and gives a city off you go in search of this job in the gas and oil industry.

After searching high and low you finally find yourself, with newspaper in hand, standing in front of a small bake shop. Yes, you are on the right street and this is the right number, but this sure ain't the right place. Suddenly you are approached by a man wearing a business suit.

Hello, are you looking for the add in the paper?
Yes, I am, you respond.
I'm afraid the paper printed the wrong address and we didn't want to wait for a reprint. We need some good people right away, so I thought I'd take a chance and see if anyone turned up here.

There is a lot of talk about being a long way from home, family, friends and whether you have found a suitable place to live yet and so on.

The man in the suit is not alone.....he has a little girl with him, who he introduces as his daughter, but she doesn't say anything, after all she is only 3 years old.

He finds everything you have told him fits his one knows where you are, you have no one waiting for you at home and you have not kept in touch with your family.

He considers you a good risk and offers to drive you over to the company office to meet the boss and complete the necessary paper work.

If you had not said the right things he would have taken down your name and phone number and told you he would give you a call, in which case you would never have heard from him, it was simply a polite way to get rid of unwanted applicants.

Of course you are excited about your new employment and eagerly agree. And despite the fact that you have never met or even heard of this guy who calls himself Marty you get in the car and willing accompany him to what you believe to be the company office.

The company office is a front, but nonetheless there is another man there playing the role of the boss. After filling out the forms and signing your name the boss shakes your hand and welcomes you aboard........whereby he insists you share a drink with him to celebrate the occasion.........and you accept, but if you hadn't been a drinker you would have been easily overpowered and injected with a fast acting drug. Either way you would have been unconscious.....and easily handled from that point on.

When you finally came to you may have been unbelieving of your were naked with shackles on both your wrists and ankles......with short lengths of chain securing you to a solid wooden wall.

Of course you screamed and yelled, you even swore and cursed, but there was no response.

This exercise was repeated a total of seven times..........until there were seven young men chained to that wall.

Your movements were severely restricted and whether it was night or day you were left standing there to consider your situation.

Finally the chief medical officer arrived with three nurses to assist him.

He barked his orders at them..........I want first, second and third degree burns on these six and this one I want a full body burn.

The nurses had been selected for special duty and they were quite prepared for what they were required to do.........they put on heavy leather aprons, gloves and goggles.

They used torches fueled from heavy steel cylinders.............all seven screamed and shrieked in agony.........but number seven stopped screaming once the torch reached his face, he was already dead.

When the burning was completed to the doctors satisfaction an incubator was rolled into place. The contents of the dishes taken from the incubator were applied to the burns.....a new biochemical agent intended to kill the wounded.

It took several days for all six men to die, but die they did.......which meant the test was a success.

Another seven men were brought in for the second portion of the testing.......this involved applying this same material to cuts and gashes, which were inflicted by the same three nurses.

Again number seven died immediately from his initial wounds.........while the other six lingered for several days while the biochemical agent took its toll.

At the end of each test autopsies were performed.......and in some instances in front of those who were not yet dead.

And while all this was taking place a little girl by the name of Sara was sitting on the concrete floor watching in the doctor wanted her to experience the trauma of each mans death.

Sara watched as each of them died and she watched as the doctor performed his autopsies.

But this was not the limit of it..........more people were brought in for other tests....both young men and young women.........there were those who suffered starvation and there were those who suffered dehydration......but in the end they were all dead........everyone of them.

Innocent victims abducted off the street and subjected to terminal experiments.

The doctors did not doctor and the nurses did not nurse.........they simply killed people in order to obtain the information long would it take for the biochemical agent to kill healthy young men suffering burns or cuts? long would it take for healthy young men and women to die from starvation? long would it take for healthy young men and women to die from dehydration?

Those chosen for starvation slowly wasted away.........they were allowed sips of water, but no food........and in the end they were no more than skin and bone.........a ghastly way to die.

And all of these young men and women were between the ages of 18 and 25 years and in very good health when they were first encountered.

This went on for several years so we have no idea how many people endured such a fate......and in the end their bodies were stuffed into steel drums and trucked away for disposal. But what we do know for certain is that 42 young men and women died at the hands of the chief medical officer assigned to Lincoln Park.

There was nothing very difficult about what they did to these people, but what seems intolerably difficult is for people to grasp the idea that such a thing could actually happen, which is the main reason why it did happen and why it has been possible to keep it a secret all these years.

Such things are not supposed to least not here in Canada......but happen they did.

The doctor in charge went by an alias, Dr. Bob Armstrong, as he could not use his real name due to the fact that he was a Nazi war criminal who had escaped the hangman in exchange for his willingness to serve the allied command.........assisted by Canadian, British and American personnel he ran secret medical programs at several locations in of which was the RCAF Station Lincoln Park situated in Calgary, Alberta.


Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

Are there records anywhere for the 42 known to have died? And are you saying there were probably many more victims, not witnessed by Sara?

David Barclay said...

Yes, there are records, but they are classified.....secret.

Many more victims is the name of the game was to obtain answers to questions few would even think or dare to ask.

There were also drowning studies, surgical studies, genetic studies, etc. etc.

Penny said...

I gotta say, I heard you interviewed on Meria Heller, absolutely shocking,

I mean really apalling.

I am not quite sure what to say or think, this kind of stuff is so mindblowing.

I am linking to your blog, via my blog at this time.

stay safe

Vev said...

This is horrifying. :( Indeed stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I am the victim of experimentation (nonconsentual) here in the US for my entire life. I've witnessed many sickening things as well and have had many unneccessary procudures preformed on me by very sick doctors. Whether or not they are who they say they are has yet to be known but I will always be happy to provide their names.

Unknown said...

Considering they do this type of HORRORs to animals ALL the time with same results of mayhem and torture, why are we surprised that the insane medical researchers would cross the line to do it to humans, obviously sadists. Anyone with a brain would know the result of starvation, burns, chemical agents on skin. It's a sick world we live in and getting sicker all the time. Thanks for exposing it. Hard to read. Vivisection experiments do same thing to animals DAILY!!!! All of it should be banned.

David Barclay said...

I agree that it's sickening.

The use of animals is in some cases a front, much like window dressing. You are asked to believe that by performing experiments on animals they can determine the effects on humans.

In some cases the human experiments have already been performed before the animals are brought into the picture.

In the case of starvation experiments it was the timing which was so bloody important. They wanted to know how long it would take for healthy young adults to die.

It's criminal madness.

Ann Diamond Mother of Darkness said...

David, I agree with your comment about animal experiments being a front for experiments on humans. D.O. Hebb of McGill became famous in the 1950s and 60s for his sensory isolation experiments "on rats" -- which demonstrated that extended sensory deprivation affects IQ. But it becomes obvious when you look into his past in any detail, including who his colleagues were, his CIA connections, and some of the declassified material, that he was experimenting on children, not rats.

At McGill in the 1970s, you could not get into psychiatry, neurology etc, without studying with this sadist. These stories must be told before we all go insane...