Monday, May 5, 2008

It Didn't Happen To Me

A common response to the victimization of children is........

It didn't happen to me, so why should I care?

In the context of children exploited for the purpose of military research and development you have to consider the possibility......... it could just as easily have happened to you......if you remember you once were a child and children do not have a lot to say about the circumstances or situations to which they might be subjected.

In relation to Lincoln Park the children employed as research subjects were denied the rights and freedoms commonly associated with Canadian citizenship. And if one Canadian citizen is denied their inherent rights and freedoms it is not unreasonable to assume that the rights and freedoms of any or all Canadians might just as easily be subject to indiscriminate denial.

Their rights and freedoms were not denied on the basis of race, religion or gender.........they were denied on the basis of availability.......they were simply available for the purposeful intent of human experimentation.

It would seem that Canadians take their rights and freedoms for granted, in that they assume such rights and freedoms to be guaranteed...........but no such guarantee exists.

Of course most Canadians will not be subject to cruel and unusual punishment, if only because the odds are stacked in their favor.........but this is not true for everyone.

The thousands of children subjected to the trials of human experimental programs suffered cruel and inhuman brutality simply because they were considered expendable and of little value to Canadian rats and guinea pigs they were confined to cages and forced to endure repetitious torture, which in most cases lead to death.

The illegal confinement, abuse and murder of children is a criminal offense in Canada, yet in the case of children utilized for the purpose of secret experimental programs conducted within the confines of military bases such as Lincoln Park those persons responsible are protected by the very same laws that should have assured the safety and security of the children involved.

And to this day those same people who are alleged to have committed crimes against humanity are protected by law...........the misuse of Canadian law and justice.

Records pertaining to the experimental programs I refer to are also protected by law, yet it is my understanding that the Canadian Secrets Act or the Canadian Securities Act cannot be employed to hide criminal activity occurring within Canada or to protect employees or agents of the Government of Canada from criminal prosecution.

If Canadian citizens can be randomly kidnapped, tortured and murdered for the purposes of a secret political agenda it would appear rational to consider all Canadians to be at risk of such cruel and brutal treatment.

It didn't happen to you..........if you are a Canadian did happen to you.

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