Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mind Control

Do you have any idea what it means to be a mind control victim?

Do you think that sooner or later it wears off?

Some 50 years after the fact the horror continues.......triggers trigger mind control and there are hundreds of triggers associated with one individual person.

There is no are subject to the consequences of the original mind control programs...........and fight as you may you are not free, not even after 23 years of therapy.

You get passed one hurdle and there is another, you get passed that one and there is another and so on and so on and so on and so just keeps coming. You close one door and another after the other after the other.

One event surfaces and you work your way through that horror only to discover the next event is surfacing and you work your way through the horror of that one and another one surfaces and so on. And this goes on year in and year out and still after 23 years, doors keep opening and new horrors keep surfacing.

You can stop it can't you? Sorry, the answer is no..........NO!

The pain........the fear........the torture........the anguish..........the terror!

Do you understand that this is cruel and unusual punishment.......originally inflicted on innocent children?

Your tax dollars at work..........government provides funding for research and development, which allows secret experimental programs to manipulate innocent children by means of torture, in order to develop fail safe mind control programs.

Are you aware that less than 1 in 20 research subjects survived beyond the age of 9 years?

And out of those that do survive even fewer are capable of successfully fighting the suicide programming and training initially inflicted upon them in order to guarantee the security of the secret programs.

The development of the ultimate warrior comes with a price, in human life and human suffering.

Do you realize these programs continue at the present moment?

Children make very good research subjects, right up to the age of 8 years. That means that infants, toddlers and little children are in demand.........the security of the western world demands children be subjected to brutal cruelty and horrific pain.

Did you know that the sexual exploitation of human (children) research subjects in clandestine military research programs is considered essential to the success and security of those secret programs?

I say the torture of children for any purpose is has to stop!

But when will it end? If you ask the government if its over they tell you it never started, which of course is a lie..........of course it started, because it continues.

Denial is not helpful.........denial allows it to continue.

Denial perpetuates crimes against humanity........against children, innocent children, both girls and boys.

Have you any idea........because it is beyond the comprehension of most, to even begin to fathom the depth and breadth of the brutality comprehend the pain and suffering?

And what would you do to stop ensure such crimes do not continue?

Nothing? Something? Anything at all?

You have a voice, you have an have a choice.

These children did not and do not have a choice.........but you do.


Unknown said...

Sir, you are not alone. There is a juggernaut of people working to bring this to light. No comments yet? How come? I will be studying your writing but don't worry, we are with you. If possible, please provide an email address.

Unknown said...

Franklin coverup, Pizzagate, Clintons, Obamas, George Soros,all the Rothschilds, etc, etc, etc....oh yes, it goes on and on and on and on. Where/when does it end??

Unknown said...

Franklin coverup, Pizzagate, Clintons, Obamas, George Soros,all the Rothschilds, etc, etc, etc....oh yes, it goes on and on and on and on. Where/when does it end??

Unknown said...

I hope to bring attention to this in mid south Texas. It is a heavy burden I carry for these children

Unknown said...

I can't imagine, I grew up with an abusive mother, I can't imagine something being 10x worse. So sad for these victims

spook said...

When we kill them.

Muggers said...

Unknown said...

Very disgusting beyond comprehention and i dont dought its true at all.