Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bottom Line

Denials and cover-ups are the order of the day in Canada, but what exactly is so carefully shielded from public view.

Abduction, torture, rape and murder.......crimes committed by military and civilian personnel on and within the confines of Canadian Military Facilities.

Innocent Canadian civilian citizens, with legal rights and freedoms, have been illegally confined, brutally tortured and murdered, and in many cases brutally raped.

The unconditional responsibility of individuals authorized to protect secret experimental programs allowed them to abduct young girls off the streets and highways, whereby unwitting innocent girls were gang raped, tortured and murdered in the most horrific manner possible.

Savage brutality that can only be described as psychopathic madness, yet these same men are treated with respect and dignity. They are protected by a standard of honor associated with our Canadian Forces.

The murder of children and young girls has nothing to do with a standard of honor associated with our Canadian Forces, it has to do with criminal acts of extreme violence against defenseless innocent victims.

Should such crimes be suppressed and hidden in order to protect the reputation of the Canadian Forces? Should lies replace truth? If so, our Canadian Forces must be considered void of moral and ethical considerations in respect to their insistence to sustain and perpetuate crimes against humanity.

To protect the guilty and deny the innocent is not compatible with a free and just society.

To deny the rights and freedoms on one Canadian citizen is to deny the rights and freedoms of all Canadian citizens.

Every man and woman who has served in a Canadian uniform has been betrayed and their honor denied by disgraceful acts of barbaric treason.

A military command incapable of upholding the rule of law is incapable of defending our nation in peace or in war.

God help this Canada, a nation betrayed.


Unknown said...

This makes me want to vomit!

Unknown said...

It must be where our missing sisters have gone...sounds like it is part of an iniation.